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Hello Again

After some time away I am back to recording my daily living. So much has happened since then; so much has remained as it always will. There’s still plenty to do around the home with baking, cleaning, and time for some crafting too. I’ve learnt to bake my own bread of late after some interesting failures, or is that learning attempts?   I’m still the one in the house doing the dishes. I enjoy it as our kitchen sink over looks the backyard where my growing garden is. Speaking of gardens, I’m harvesting from my beginners attempts at gardening! The baby peas grew up, as well as the snap peas, and there is carrots too. The onions have yet to be harvested, they will in the near future. I made a first dinner with the carrots and with the peas. I experimented and used some spearmint from our herbs to cook the peas in and give them a delicate flavour. I thought I had a lot of peas but mum did warn me, the peas once shelled will give only a few peas, but there was still plenty to go around…