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Flower Days

We had really lovely weather today, there was a slight breeze and with out it I think the day would have been much warmer than it was. You can feel the change in the air as Spring is fading to make way for early Summer.  I took a drive with Dad to one of our local nursery's as Dad wanted to by some more yellow roses. He said this local nursery is one of the better one's for price and for the fact the plants are out doors. He doesn't like buying plants in stores. 
I came home with a Tansy plant. I have a few potted plants for my self for a dyer's garden I hope to have and use eventually. Tansy gives gorgeous shades of subtle green and yellow. The Tansy I brought is the common Tansy, the herb. Not the harmful Tansy Ragwort which is very different in appearance.

The roses have been blooming and I've been picking flowers and drying them. I am playing around with making tea blends. This one is Green tea, Calendula, Roses and Jasmine flowers. I know these plants haven&#…

The little things

We've been having some nice weather of late. There was a late thunderstorm the previous few days and that seemed to cool things down, although you can feel the heat.
I was asked in comments to show my stash...I'm not sure what kind of impression I am giving when I talk about buying bits and pieces, I hope it's not a hoarder impression...although, I could reach that level.
So let me take you through a tour of my room. As most of you know I am now with my parents caring for them which meant when I moved out of my last home a lot of my things were placed in a storage shed. So I do have a house hold full of things in a shed packed up as well as craft stash. I've been with my parents for about eight years (?) or so. And over time I have decluttered and changed this room around heaps of times. I have a love/hate relationship going on with it.

The desk was a recent purchase. I needed it and as you know me I never paid much for this, it was $50. The desk is actually a child&#…

Market day

I've been quiet of late pottering around at home and have been a bit neglectful of my poor blog, but I hope to fix that and post a bit more. The weather of late has been a mix bag of warm and windy which is not a good combination for the fires that have been around. But at least the wind has been keeping the days mostly cool. I think summer is going to be a hot one. Last week I received an email to let me know about the new workshops for the Simple living group, the co-coordinator, Margy, also sent information about a mini homeschool market held at the Range Christian fellowship on the week end. My aunt and I headed off early to have a look around at the stalls. It was a good day to wander around to look at the stalls as the day before was so windy! It was still windy but not as windy.

I came home with two pressed flower bookmarks, yes I know I could make them my self but I like to help kids who are making their own items to sell. The book marks have scriptures on them with spell…