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Scented box

Scented fabric lined box
Craft box or recycled box of choice. Fabric. Potpourri of choice. Thin cardboard. Use recycled board from cereal boxes. Thin fabric batting. Old tea towel or dishcloth will work for batting. I used an old flannel blanket. Craft glue suitable for material.
Optional: Memento Ink color of choice.
To begin trace the box shape inside onto paper for your template. From the template cut one from thin cardboard.  Using the template trace around on batting and fabric leaving enough to turn in the fabric around the cardboard. Glue your batting to the cardboard. Snip in around the edges to smooth out the turning if your box is shaped. If it is square or rectangle simple turn in the edges paying attention to miter the corners without bulk. (Cut across the corner and turn in the edges to give a mired look). Take your fabric and with wrong side facing the batting, glue into place, first add a a thin line of glue to the batting and then glue the fabric to …

out and about

We've been having some really lovely weather of late with the turn of Autumn here at home. The nights are cooler and so are the days. There's been some rain too. It's the type of weather to be pulling out the slow cooker for stews. 
I've been out and about of late. I recently joined up as a member of the Toowoomba Art Society and I go with my niece. We do two days a week attending life drawing and 'come and paint day'.

I attended their 45 x 45 exhibition with an Aunt and my niece. It was nice to get back into the art scene so to speak.

I've also been over at mum and dad's, seeing to them as well. They recently got a upright's a good thing they are empty nesters and we don't have to listen to learners practicing.

At home we've had lots of people coming and going. A few of the mob, On the couch: My youngest sister, her daughter, my niece, my aunt and Simba. In the single chairs, my aunt who I live with. My second oldest sister stan…

Grandma's apple

Apple crochet dishcloth

This crochet dishcloth is very easy to make, but you do have to pay attention to the rounds to make the stitches consistent to the pattern. It's more an 'apple slice' if you use white and green or red color for the edges. Another nice idea is to just crochet the apple all in green or all in red so the apple doesn't look like it is sliced. The loop would look nice in a wood color and the leaf a different green to the apple. But if you only have one green color yarn that will do.
Please let me know if there is a mistake in the pattern and I will try to fix it. Crochet stitches are American stitches. For Australian crochet stitches are here.

Note: Ch 3 at beg of rounds or rows count as a DC
Crochet hook I used was 4 mm or G Hook. I used Lincraft brand 100% cotton yarn with is an 8 ply. 
Round 1: Ch 3 11 double crochet in ring. Join with sl st to top of ch 3. =12 dc. Round 2: Ch 3. 1 double crochet in same space as last sl st. 2 Double Crochet in each do…