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Windy August

August has started to blow up a gale after we had rain and it has brought another chill in the air. We did have some fine days, fine enough for me to take some cuttings from the flowering containers and dry them. I have mint, cat mint, pansy flowers and parsley drying. A random mix which has the scent of mint more than anything.

I've also been working on a few craft projects. I'm getting more adventurous with crochet and trying different things. Youtube is so handy for someone like me who is a visual learner rather than a text learner. Even though I like today's technology I still write down what I've learnt so I can understand written instructions. You never know when you'll be without the internet or computer and can't access  electronic things, always write down what you can. This pom pom edging looks complicated but it is super easy. I'll put up a lesson for that soon, get your notebook and pen out.
I've also been doing some new tea towels. I'v…

Garden Markers

Spring weather is trying to make a showing. There were a few cold day, although, not really cold. With the warm weather a lot of things are starting to bloom and grow in my container gardens.
I saw these garden markers or plant pokes on line to buy and I thought to myself: Oh, I can make those. So I did. As always you know if I'm making something it will be frugal. The spoons are from the thrift store and depending on where you buy they are pretty cheap. These ones were a bit pricey at 50 cents but I liked the decoration down the spoons. They are all different size spoons but that works for me. 

The Basil I have growing came from an 'Italian Herb' mix from bunnings on sale. I also have a larger one growing amongst a tomato plant. The plant I picked up off the swap table from the simple living group and it surprisingly survived the winter. The Basil plant growing with that came from Dad's garden. 

The Parsley I have also is from Dad's garden. I changed it over from…