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Rambly things

We've had some really nice weather of late, a little warm, but still pleasant. My container pot garden is enjoying the weather and so are the caterpillars which I had to spray for. Hopefully the spray will keep the loopers away. I had to replant the mint but I'm sure that will grow as it likes to take over. 
In other news the house my parents are renting is being sold. They've been there for about ten years and now have a lot to pack up, they have found another place on the other side of town not too far away which eased the stress of moving but still they have a lot to pack up.
Also I have an appointment next week with the anaesthetist which means my throat surgery is going to be soon. For those who don't know for years I had doctors looking at my voice and was told: There's nothing wrong, I need to speak up, speak properly, and all that. On a good day my voice sounds like I have laryngitist, on a bad day it's a whisper.  I'm generally a shy person and ta…